ok rule #37. don't blog drunk.

there is nothing i can offer you. if you are listening. Maybe it's better if you weren't. I don't know how much longer i can pretend i don't care when he talks about you. there is much undiscovered and much that should remain undiscovered.maybe sleep is a good option, and forget until tomorrow.



you know how sometimes you here of parties where it's supposed to be a bunch of stewardesses getting drunk and taking their clothes off...well i'm going to one of those tonight. No, really. There is a series of boat races (i think) called the interline series and they have parties afterward. Well, these interline series are a vacation for a great variety of airlines (inter-LINES) so, one would suspect that there will be stewardesses (or are they preferring to be called hostesses these days, I just don't know)or maybe just stewards will attend. It's worth a goggle anyway.

later R


much better, get to stretch the mind a bit, wring out the dead